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Commercial Services

Boldcasting is world renowned for being the premier source for Ad writing and messaging. Our talent pool is nearly unlimited and we can create unique advertising and promotion that captures the imagination and attention of your listener in less then 2 minutes! 

Most promotions on Podcasts sound awful and cast your Podcast as a boring repeat of every other audio option. With Boldcasting's Commercial Services, we can create a vortex of audio that truly generates interest in your offering. 

Below are some of our past customers, whose success is well known across the web and business world after using Boldcasting's Commercial Services. 

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I'm a first time Podcaster. If you are reading this, its likely you are too. There are many start up guides available on the web (loaded with ads too), but I found most of them rather specific and talk about technical aspects or are a long form promotion for a business. Here is a more general step by step guide based on my own experiences that deals with the non-technical aspect of the art.

But first, lets dispel the rumor: You can make fast, easy money with a Podcast! 
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