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EPCOY Podcast

EPCOY - Experimental City of Yesterday - The Podcast

Home of the Alt-Fiction podcast, where Disney's EPCOT was fully realized and built as intended. 

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Its best to listen to Walt Disney explain the original plan for Epcot himself:

Walt's goals were never fully realized after his death. Those who were in charge of the developing the park after his death were never comfortable with building a city, much less one that focused on advanced offerings, close corporate relations, and city planning that ventured into experimental. 

There could be multiple reasons for this, all valid. Hoping to at least reach some of Walt's lofty goals, EPCOT was planned. EPCOT was born of a series of trade offs, compromises and cost considerations. Ultimately, EPCOT the park would be a vast departure from typical theme parks, and until the late 90's a fairly active year round World Fair of technology. 

Our experiences with EPCOT the park were during this rare time window when EPCOT was splitting the difference from being an amusement park and a version of Walt's futuristic dream. During this time, visitors got to experience something unique in Disney history that resonates today with those who were part of it.  

For those, we present this Podcast. Where listeners can go back to the 80's, and deep into Walt's dream, full realized, and made from the stuff that made opening day EPCOT so unique.

For more information on our version of EPCOT, visit these posts:

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