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Ricks Corner - Radio Wine Interview Pt. 1

We are proud to offer this exclusive interview with Rick Certain, our newest talent to sign on with our Podcasting network. We sat down with Rick to get a feel for his days in radio, and why his shows are still considered some of the oddest morning radio to ever be made, and where he is planning to go in the digital age.

We caught up to Rick in his Study on a Saturday Afternoon. Rick was dressed business casual and positioned himself in front of just a few of his Radio Awards.

Boldcasting: Rick, thanks for joining us.

Rick Certain: This is completely my pleasure.
Boldcasting: Lets start with the basics, what is your background with Radio production?
Rick Certain: Well, I'm a late model boomer, so of course I get into radio when it was easy to do. I just walked into a radio station and could put two words together with out lisping, so naturally they put me on air with huge salary instantly.
Boldcasting: Any college or technical schooling?
Rick Certain: Haha, No. I did get an honorary degree from Connecticut School of Broadcasting, but since you can just buy one of those on Ebay, that doesn't really mean much.
Boldcasting: Wow, it sounds like you were very fortunate in your career.
Rick Certain: Not more so then any baby boomer. I mean really, if you couldn't make an amazing living and save huge wads of cash in your life time, your likely a drunk or a loser. Hell, you could buy a house in the 70's for less then 10,000 and gas was less then a buck. Adjusted for inflation, you made gobs of money. I don't know whats wrong with the kids today. They really ruined the economy.
Boldcasting: Um... ok. So do you feel your career is rather linked to the rise and fall of radio?
Rick Certain: Well radio isn't really falling, I think media diets are just adjusting. I sort of liken it to fast food. It didn't kill the table service restaurants, but provides a new market we didn't know about. People still eat out when the time is right. But for those who needs something quick and light, we have online media.
Boldcasting: Is it safe to say that you feel Radio content and Digital Content are mutually exclusive? We won't see a time when Podcasters are featured on Radio?
Rick Certain: You don't go to McDonald's for a steak. You don't go to a Steakhouse for McChicken, so I don't see those two things working together.
Boldcasting: Recently iHeart Radio filed for bankruptcy. What message does that send to the established Radio Empires?
Rick Certain: Well, those Empires are very similar to early Railroads. They have grown for years, adding management, treading on talent, and not investing in infrastructure. By infrastructure in this case, I don't mean transmitters, I mean R and D. Research into new markets, distribution channels, and the like. Those radio empires should have invented Podcasting, but they were scared of those markets. The best they could understand was Satellite Radio, who has its own problems. But look at radio today. There is a format, every channel uses the same format. A station in backwoods Alabama sounds exactly like a top 10 in a metro city. That doesn't work for advancement, that is communism.
Boldcasting: Your show was known as progressive, if not unlike anything else on the radio. Was that intentionally done as a research project of broadcasting?
Rick Certain: Well to tell the truth, it was actually unexpected. I joined a small station simply because some personal problem forced me to make some life changes. I had a clean name in the broadcasting community, but I wasn't ready for what really went down.
Boldcasting: So your entire show was not what you expected?
Rick Certain: I hesitate to say I was disappointed with it. It was a Rick Certain creation, so naturally it was solid gold all the way. 
Boldcasting: Do you regret leaving traditional radio?
Rick Certain: Not even a little bit. 


We pick this interview up in Part Two...


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