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Sorry we have been a bit missing in action for this last week. If you are going through some commercials withdraw, worry not, more to be posted soon, and we really appreciate your listening.

We haven't wasted this week. Progressing our podcast to being the best podcast it can be, means taking time away to understand what listeners are looking for in a Podcast. Its fun to create satire commercials, and in many ways, very easy since "Marketing" is basically a inside joke. But we want to offer more than just two minute giggles every day.

As such, we have been LISTENING to a lot of other podcasts. In sales training, I frequently heard that there were "lots of books on sales" but "no books on listening." Why not apply the same thing to our endeavor?

So here are two shows that listeners of our Commercials Podcast will find delightful:

Phil Hendrie:

Phil is an Ex disc jockey and one of the most amazing actors Radio has ever seen. Phil is adept at doing an entire panel show with 4 to 6 guests, all BY HIMSELF. The vocal and technical talent aside (often using Microphone distance, and phone filters), being able to PLAY EACH ROLE is the skill of note here. Phil has been Podcasting for a long time, and offers a nearly daily hour long show (with on the fly, no production added fake commercials), and a huge backlog of content on his webpage. Phil is great satire, and his repeat guest performances can delight regular listeners as they become more and more familiar with the show.

A Very Fatal Murder:

This podcast is produced by the Onion, and like its role as satire news source, A Very Fatal Murder lampoons the bizarre twin phenomenon of Public Radio (NPR) creating literal BOAT LOADS of content (all sounding suspiciously the same) and its "greatest hit" covering a Murder. A Very Fatal Murder pulls zero punches, and nails the whole idea that some cheesy podcast is going to solve major crimes and land all sorts of awards while doing it. High lights for me however were the in episode fake commercials that manage to pitch great fake products, and also throw some light on the ever present struggle of working ads into your podcasts smoothly.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for something new from Boldcasting!


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