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Commercials - Season Two!

Boldcasting is pleased to announce that 2018 will kick off our ambitious Season Two of our Commercials podcast. If you haven't already given a listen, take some time and catch up. These podcasts are always under two minutes and highlight just how silly the capitalist idea of "marketing" can be. We also work to string some plots together across our commercials, with characters appearing in more than one fake ad to create mini story lines with our short podcast.

We are setting some lofty goals for Season Two. Hopefully this will be the year we manage to post a show every business day of the week (weekends have proven unworkable difficult), and holidays may present some problems. If we reach our goal, that means season two will consist of 260 episodes!

We also plan to vary our season two content with not just silly ads, but also unique promotional ads for other podcasts! These will be chosen at random by the Boldcasting crew and provided to the podcaster with out any reimbursement expected. These promos will still be focused on being entertaining and fun to listen to, something most promo's lack. We look forward to cross promotion and networking with other podcasters.

As our backlog of shows grows (and only the most frequent are hosted), we will also be exploring ways to use old shows as a "best of" presentation, and hosting the remaining on a "on demand" type of situation for new listeners who want to "catch up".

Boldcasting is excited for 2018! With our new season of Commercials, and EPCOY about to begin dropping, we look forward to a year of quality content and expanded offerings.

Welcome to 2018!


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