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Commercials Podcast

Hey Listeners, 

I know what I said at the beginning of the year, about about being a daily podcast? Well we were. 

Effective today we are going back to spotty postings of the Commercials Podcast. We had to make a decision here regarding content versus quality, and we are choosing quality. The Commercials Podcast, which is lots of fun for us to produce, does take time. We are finding this time is cutting into production and editing of our more involved longer production shows.

We started Podcasting to create Audio Drama content. Audio Drama's require lots of time to create. Between script writing, recording, sound production, post production, and editing; its difficult to focus on if your trying to get a show out daily. 

So we are changing. If you don't want to miss a commercial drop, subscribe. As always, thanks for listening, and stay tuned for some more in depth Audio Drama shows coming soon. 

Commercial Podcast Update

Just a quick note for those who enjoy the Commercial Podcast (yes, both of you!). We are not going to leave all of our episodes up for ever. Today is your 30 day warning that if you want to keep and catalog the commercials, download them from our feed before then. We will be taking them off our hosting site based on date they were loaded there after.

30 Days from today, Episode 1 will be removed.

Boldcasting of course holds onto the files. If demand ever is great enough, we will be using older commercials as best to presentations, and eventually all shows will be available on demand.

We thank you for listening, and hope you enjoy the silly little show for what it is: Stupid. The world doesn't need more DUMB, but Stupid is ok.. right?

- Boldcasting


EPCOT, as defined by Walt was to be an "ideal city." Nearly all his ideas came from a book he had read titled Garden Cities of Tomorrow by Ebeneezer Howard. If you interested in this historic read, its available for free on the internet archive.

While the book itself goes into great detail about economic models and structures, we are mostly concerned with its version of "ideal layout." To understand the thinking behind this, one needs to accept that this book was written in 1902, when industry and work was VASTLY different.

Howard was a big fan of Circles for Cities, and clusters there of. Often relaying on that as an efficient way to design a city, several people have aped the concept with out giving it much practical thought. This has actually be done in a few places, like the below odd golf and water front community near Port Charlotte, FL.

Its success is very dependent upon both geology (flat), and its added expense and difficulty of underground services (water…

Commercials - Season Two!

Boldcasting is pleased to announce that 2018 will kick off our ambitious Season Two of our Commercials podcast. If you haven't already given a listen, take some time and catch up. These podcasts are always under two minutes and highlight just how silly the capitalist idea of "marketing" can be. We also work to string some plots together across our commercials, with characters appearing in more than one fake ad to create mini story lines with our short podcast.

We are setting some lofty goals for Season Two. Hopefully this will be the year we manage to post a show every business day of the week (weekends have proven unworkable difficult), and holidays may present some problems. If we reach our goal, that means season two will consist of 260 episodes!

We also plan to vary our season two content with not just silly ads, but also unique promotional ads for other podcasts! These will be chosen at random by the Boldcasting crew and provided to the podcaster with out any reimbu…