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Take a Sip

I can't get over how cool this mug is from the Disney Store. I thrift store shop frequently and see many Disney mugs, almost exclusively for MGM and The Magic Kingdom. Epcot mugs are extremely rare and most of them are less then practical. But just bask in the awesome of this 35th Anniversary Epcot Mug:

If your not sure what those symbols are, EPCOT created each one for each section of EPCOT when it opened. A graphic design feat that hasn't been replicated since. Each of the round line logos was concise and quite futurist in my eyes. A better explanation is below:

These logos always seemed to me what EPCOT should have been putting on mugs! Instead here is what we got:

A big Earthship Mug? No thanks.

A chrome glass logo? With a base and dainty handle? Ugh, no thanks again.

One day I will find my holy grail of Epcot mugs sitting alone on a shelf waiting for me buy it. Vintage and style supreme:


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