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Creating a Podcast - The Simple Steps

I'm a first time Podcaster. If you are reading this, its likely you are too. There are many start up guides available on the web (loaded with ads too), but I found most of them rather specific and talk about technical aspects or are a long form promotion for a business. Here is a more general step by step guide based on my own experiences that deals with the non-technical aspect of the art.

But first, lets dispel the rumor: You can make fast, easy money with a Podcast! 
With a very few exceptions, your much more likely to spend money just to create the Podcast and host a Podcast. If you are thinking of starting one "for the money", save your time. Podcasting is much more a labor of love then a business. Saying the above statement is sort of like saying "I will just become a YouTube star." Even "big" Podcasters have day jobs and other income sources.

If you have a labor of love, or words you just need the world to hear, and your willing to work hard as well as finance it, here are the major phases and steps for starting a Podcast:

Phase 1) Have Something To Say:
  • It must INTEREST YOU everyday. Podcasting requires talking about a topic. If you can run out of words on a topic, or lose interest, it won't make a good podcast. 
  • Think about what your listener wants to hear on the topic you find interesting. Present it.
  • Write scripts and show notes; it doesn't hurt and makes your show more fluid.

Phase 2) Get Equipment, Learn the Process:
  • Buy a good microphone. Don't use built in laptop or webcam Mic's. You get what you pay for.
  • Install Audacity (its free and amazing). Learn to use it for editing. 
  • Learn how to like the sound of your voice.
  • Record in a room that doesn't echo. Minimize background noise.
  • Practice speaking, learn new words, use them. Open your mouth all the way, and use your lungs.
  • Practice editing and formatting shows before you ever post anything to the web. 
  • Edit your files to ensure GOOD quality sound (Don't make your listen jack up the volume just to hear you. Don't blow out their ear drums either).
  • Edit your files for size. Smaller is faster, better and more likely to be tried by new listeners. Size matters as well as length of your cast. Don't waste it with lots of silence or intro's your listeners have to sit though each time. They know what they are listening to. 
  • Put a few Podcasts "in the can" ready to be posted before moving onto Phase 3.

Phase 3) Create a Web Presence:
  • Buy a domain and make it your home. 
  • Use an easy to use service to interface into your domain, Like WordPress, Blogger, or similar. 
  • Start a Twitter and/or Facebook page.
  • Tie all these Web presences together as much as possible. 
  • Purchase space on a hosting service. "Free" hosting comes with stipulations. Be aware of them.
  • Your hosting service will provide you an RSS Feed. So will your Blog. Separate these and manage them via a Feed Burner.

Phase 4) Promote your Product:
  • Don't expect to be an overnight hit. 
  • Don't rely on people to find you.
  • Don't skip this step, and Don't be upset if no one is listening right away.
  • If you have the cash, pay to promote yourself for a short time.
  • Follow people on twitter with the same interests as you have in the podcast. Do Not DM them for listens. Do interact with them if its relevant.
  • List your podcast in every podcast directory on Earth. There are HUNDREDS. Work to be in all of them. Do one a day for the rest of your life. 
  • Interact with listeners if they have a question or comment. Encourage interaction on your show.
  • Never stop promoting. 
  • Never stop looking for new listeners. 

Resources mentioned above:
None of these people pay me to tell you they are good. I use them because they are, your results may vary. - Google provides Webmail, a Podcast directory, web page hosting and sells domains that easily tie in with bloggin services. Google also ties in with Use these services together to save yourself time and expense. This single source grouping can get you a domain, webpage, and blog feed in a single day for less then 20 bucks. - This service is critical to a Podcaster. It allows you to control your feeds (blog and podcast) should you change the hosting of them at anytime. It also sends links to social media making updating multiple locations as easy as posting to your webpage. - Buzzspourt is a podcast host. They have a free plan of 2 hours of media hosted for 90 days every 30 days. Meaning you can load 2 hours every month and they are live until 90 days from posting. Plans beyond that are available. This is the only company as of 2017 that I could find that truly offered a FREE plan of any sort, even if many others claim to. They are easy to use and very straightforward. Highly recommended. - Another podcast host that is well reviewed for paying customers. I have not used them, but they are my second choice. Lots of bonus content available from them, like embedding a podcast player in twitter. - Social media, and a better platform for promotion than Facebook. There is a danger that Facebook can claim to own your posted content. Twitter allows connecting with people who are interested in your topic beyond "friends and family". - The only podcast directory I will list. There are MANY of them, do a search, make a list and keep getting listed. iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher should be on the top of that list. - The best free audio editing software imaginable. Many tools that can make you sound good. Some web based training is available to learn it very well. - A very good place to start listing your Podcast.

Parting Thought:
If you love something, you should let it out.

- Boldcasting


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