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Take a Sip

I can't get over how cool this mug is from the Disney Store. I thrift store shop frequently and see many Disney mugs, almost exclusively for MGM and The Magic Kingdom. Epcot mugs are extremely rare and most of them are less then practical. But just bask in the awesome of this 35th Anniversary Epcot Mug:
If your not sure what those symbols are, EPCOT created each one for each section of EPCOT when it opened. A graphic design feat that hasn't been replicated since. Each of the round line logos was concise and quite futurist in my eyes. A better explanation is below:
These logos always seemed to me what EPCOT should have been putting on mugs! Instead here is what we got:
A big Earthship Mug? No thanks.

A chrome glass logo? With a base and dainty handle? Ugh, no thanks again.
One day I will find my holy grail of Epcot mugs sitting alone on a shelf waiting for me buy it. Vintage and style supreme:

Creating a Podcast - The Simple Steps

I'm a first time Podcaster. If you are reading this, its likely you are too. There are many start up guides available on the web (loaded with ads too), but I found most of them rather specific and talk about technical aspects or are a long form promotion for a business. Here is a more general step by step guide based on my own experiences that deals with the non-technical aspect of the art.

But first, lets dispel the rumor: You can make fast, easy money with a Podcast! 
FALSE With a very few exceptions, your much more likely to spend money just to create the Podcast and host a Podcast. If you are thinking of starting one "for the money", save your time. Podcasting is much more a labor of love then a business. Saying the above statement is sort of like saying "I will just become a YouTube star." Even "big" Podcasters have day jobs and other income sources.

If you have a labor of love, or words you just need the world to hear, and your willing to work ha…

Choo Choo, On Trains

Lets spend a moment and talk about mass transportation. Namely, trains. Walt was a huge fan of trains, likely being a part of his youth at that point in American history. He also seemed to have his best thoughts and ideas while traveling on a train. In fact, Mickey was created while on a train.

Trains are rather a romantic image of the time, compared to the mass transport for the poor they are viewed as today. This comparison is rather silly of course, as some train trips are still considered romantic and cost as such, like the well loved Coast Starlight from Amtrak. But these remain the exception and trains are considered a "daily city transport" across larger cities world wide, with Europe taking a lead on train integration.

It was only natural for trains to be built around Disney, and its LONG legacy is detailed better in this website if you are interested. What I really want to focus on is the more abstract train car design.

When I talk about this, I'm not talking ab…

The Sound of Cloth

One of the hardest parts of choosing to tell a story via sound, rather than image, is the lack of visuals. The writer may have a vision in his head, but putting that vision into the head of the listener is sometimes impossible. Here is a great example: If I were to say "Sherlock Holmes" your image is likely something in a Deere stalker hat, cloak and a magnifying glass. Its a "classic image" of the detective despite the fact that he may have worn something like that once in a story. Instead, its likely the first image of him we come across, associating the word with a visual.

Naturally, in movies and TV shows, this is refereed to as "costuming". Since Disney employees are refereed to as "cast", it makes sense they would have costumes more than uniforms. The below example is two opening day Disney Costumes, and they are unapologetically 80's. This is exactly what I would want my "future park" to be filled with. It will be HIGHLY unl…

Bell Labs - The Mini Epcot

I just completed a great book, and any futurist geek with a interest in Math, Science and Futurism should take some time and settle in with this excellent read.

A Mind at Play details the live and accomplishments of Claude Shannon, the father of the mathematics model which drives information exchange. This accomplishment isn't celebrated nearly as much as Apples "boot strap garage business" story, yet none of the modern technology we enjoy today would be possible with out the basics.

Claude was more than a single patent, computer cryptographer. He was an inventor, tinker and well connected with greatest thinkers of the Atomic Age. The more I read of him, the more I could appreciate just how much Walt Disney would have loved this man who created juggling robots and made a serious study of the math of roulette wheels.

Claude worked at Bell Labs, a restriction free research division of Bell Telephone. It was here that scientists were treated with open checkbooks to create th…