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Podcasting Basics

Starting a blog is more work then it should be. Starting a Podcast is more work then its worth. How many Podcasts are out there? Billions? Trillions? Does anyone actually care about that number?

I'm mildly curious, because I've been openly experimenting with Podcast hosting and file sharing. That mystical number of casts actually translates into a fairly sizable industry. Almost no one provides "free" space on the web to host a podcast, so each show is likely paying to have some file server space. That's a huge amount of money being filtered off people who want to Podcast.

I am willing to share that I found an excellent home for our Commercials Podcast. Since these are really just silly bits that we produce for kicks, we wanted a free home that was logical. Buzzsprout answered our needs nicely with a true free feed that could be up to 2 hours in a 30 day period, with shows disappearing after 90 days. This fits in with our goals very nicely of a very quick, very fun, very fast podcast.

If you tend to be long winded, you may want to just buy a plan.. it costs to talk that long on the web.


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But first, lets dispel the rumor: You can make fast, easy money with a Podcast! 
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