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Podcasting Basics

Starting a blog is more work then it should be. Starting a Podcast is more work then its worth. How many Podcasts are out there? Billions? Trillions? Does anyone actually care about that number?

I'm mildly curious, because I've been openly experimenting with Podcast hosting and file sharing. That mystical number of casts actually translates into a fairly sizable industry. Almost no one provides "free" space on the web to host a podcast, so each show is likely paying to have some file server space. That's a huge amount of money being filtered off people who want to Podcast.

I am willing to share that I found an excellent home for our Commercials Podcast. Since these are really just silly bits that we produce for kicks, we wanted a free home that was logical. Buzzsprout answered our needs nicely with a true free feed that could be up to 2 hours in a 30 day period, with shows disappearing after 90 days. This fits in with our goals very nicely of a very quick, very fun, very fast podcast.

If you tend to be long winded, you may want to just buy a plan.. it costs to talk that long on the web.


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Hi All, Sorry its been so long since a post, or a new episode. Here at Boldcasting, we have been looking for even more exciting talent to send your way. After all, Boldcasting is a platform for the strange and different, not just people in front of microphones talking. To that end, its looking more and more like we have managed to land the exclusive talent of Rick Certain! As many of you know, Rick was a morning disc jockey of legend at WPAZ in Appleton for years. His morning shows are still traded by lovers of strange and unique audio performances the world over. We caught up with Rick and have negotiated a deal that is looking like we will be the exclusive provider of these shows on our podcast. We look forward to working with Rick, and the rest of his morning crew in the coming days!

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We caught up to Rick in his Study on a Saturday Afternoon. Rick was dressed business casual and positioned himself in front of just a few of his Radio Awards.

Boldcasting:Rick, thanks for joining us.
Rick Certain: This is completely my pleasure.Boldcasting: Lets start with the basics, what is your background with Radio production?Rick Certain: Well, I'm a late model boomer, so of course I get into radio when it was easy to do. I just walked into a radio station and could put two words together with out lisping, so naturally they put me on air with huge salary instantly.Boldcasting: Any college or technical schooling?Rick Certain: Haha, No. I did get an honorary d…