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EPCOY Update

Just a quick news and updates about our pending release of the EPCOY podcast.

We continue to work on the entire show script. This is a change from Episodic scripting that was originally envisioned. This is a pretty big change time wise, as we are writing the whole SHOW rather than just each episode. This will save time between casts, but requires significant more up front work.

During this script redevelopment, we also have revised the story, changing this from a daily day to day exploration of life in EPCOT to something a little more dramatic, a change that has really made the script writing process clearer and show much tighter.

These changes were also prompted by the desire to lessen each show from the planned 1 hour length, to 30 minutes. This is easier in production, allows for greater diversity of story, and also lets the series run longer overall, all of which is a better for the listener in terms of quality.

Part of pre production of the show, we have been working on finding music, background effects and making sound effects. This audio pre production goes a long way when the show starts rolling, but it takes some time up front. We won't lie, there is a thrill to this part of the production as well. We are picking some sounds that really bring back some memories to those who may have visited EPCOT during its formative years.

We are getting confident that the first Episode (likely a very detailed visitors guide type promo) will drop at the latest in January 2018, with pretty regular Episodes following. We hope you tune in and enjoy, because we love what we do.


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