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A DAILY Podcast?

We were really shooting to make our Commercials Podcast a daily show, posted each and every day. While we see this happening in time; it appears it will be hit or miss for the first few months of this year. It turns out weekend recording is quite difficult, and we will need to put more "in the can" so we can keep it daily with a nice backlog to work through while recording new shows in blocks.

Couple the start of our podcast with the holidays and the challenges get even more complex. Good stuff takes time, its its currently roasting on the spit. Keep the carving knives sharp.. it will be time to dig in soon.

Mike Salads

Does anyone like "salads?" I'm not talking about lovely food stuffs made from fresh green things combined with veggies and fruits. I'm taking about meat stuffs mixed with gelatin's. Well Mikes Salads has beaten you all to the punch on today's commercial offering.

EPCOY Update

Just a quick news and updates about our pending release of the EPCOY podcast.

We continue to work on the entire show script. This is a change from Episodic scripting that was originally envisioned. This is a pretty big change time wise, as we are writing the whole SHOW rather than just each episode. This will save time between casts, but requires significant more up front work.

During this script redevelopment, we also have revised the story, changing this from a daily day to day exploration of life in EPCOT to something a little more dramatic, a change that has really made the script writing process clearer and show much tighter.

These changes were also prompted by the desire to lessen each show from the planned 1 hour length, to 30 minutes. This is easier in production, allows for greater diversity of story, and also lets the series run longer overall, all of which is a better for the listener in terms of quality.

Part of pre production of the show, we have been working on finding m…

Fritz Modell Funeral Home

Lets face it, there are only two things in life that are guaranteed, death and taxes. One of the most under prepared segments of our society are the youth, who just aren't prepared enough for their death. Fritz asked us to help cast a commercial that would appeal more directly to potential clients, or as they referred to them, Living Dead Customers. 

Podcasting Basics

Starting a blog is more work then it should be. Starting a Podcast is more work then its worth. How many Podcasts are out there? Billions? Trillions? Does anyone actually care about that number?

I'm mildly curious, because I've been openly experimenting with Podcast hosting and file sharing. That mystical number of casts actually translates into a fairly sizable industry. Almost no one provides "free" space on the web to host a podcast, so each show is likely paying to have some file server space. That's a huge amount of money being filtered off people who want to Podcast.

I am willing to share that I found an excellent home for our Commercials Podcast. Since these are really just silly bits that we produce for kicks, we wanted a free home that was logical. Buzzsprout answered our needs nicely with a true free feed that could be up to 2 hours in a 30 day period, with shows disappearing after 90 days. This fits in with our goals very nicely of a very quick, very f…

"Chip" O'Neill

The Chip O'Neill Computer Show Promo!

While silly people are talking about current technology of computers or data safety, Chip is busy discussing the legacy of 386 Computers and lining up interviews with people who claim they invented very specific scripts in HTML.

Chip O'Neill Commercial:

Alternative Techs, and Writers Inspriation

Crafting a world of dreams, which is in itself creativity, is always inspired by truth and history. This is so true of the EPCOY Podcast, wherein we create a world that has many of the features of our clever connected society, years before anyone thought of any of it. As a back drop of a larger story, inspiration in any form is very welcome. After all, we can't pull everything from our brains lest this would be not more than cheap science fiction.

Computers are a huge tool in our modern world. They are connective, organizing and time saving entertainment devices that have changed things more than we may be aware. Likely this change was unnoticed as it was gradual. Spend some time with a classic Apple IIe, and you will be swiftly reminded of both the limitations of 80's computers, and need for better understanding programming rather than just user interface setting selections.

This leads me to some images that really help us grasp the level of technology we desire to express in…

Writing Stages

We continue to gather sounds and music for our EPCOY enterprise. We are really excited about this project and want to create the best show we can for listeners. We haven't started recording just yet, but have some of the initial story line and script sorted out. In a few days we are hoping to post a teaser trailer for the show. 

We are also finding some of our earlier podcasts and considering what to do with them, including posting them for download on separate pages. These were hobby and technology projects to test some of our sound equipment and never meant to be running show. Some ideas may be fun for listeners, and to show we are more than just one podcast we are considering posting them. 

Thanks for checking in, we are keeping at it!