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Welcome to Boldcasting

Audio Frontiers For Your Ears!

We are pleased to welcome you to Boldcasting, a new idea in Podcasting. While there are endless (and often fabulous) podcasts available, we want to focus on being a cut above the rest. Our products will feature unique story lines, engaging audio production and variety of topics. 

We believe, in essences, the following:

  • Some of the best audio is story based, and character driven.
  • Podcasting deserves the best audio possible.
  • Story telling is an art.
  • Great art is better than fast art.
  • Listeners deserve the best audio and story telling experience possible.

Welcome aboard. 


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I'm a first time Podcaster. If you are reading this, its likely you are too. There are many start up guides available on the web (loaded with ads too), but I found most of them rather specific and talk about technical aspects or are a long form promotion for a business. Here is a more general step by step guide based on my own experiences that deals with the non-technical aspect of the art.

But first, lets dispel the rumor: You can make fast, easy money with a Podcast! 
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