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Podcast Market Research

Sorry we have been a bit missing in action for this last week. If you are going through some commercials withdraw, worry not, more to be posted soon, and we really appreciate your listening.

We haven't wasted this week. Progressing our podcast to being the best podcast it can be, means taking time away to understand what listeners are looking for in a Podcast. Its fun to create satire commercials, and in many ways, very easy since "Marketing" is basically a inside joke. But we want to offer more than just two minute giggles every day.

As such, we have been LISTENING to a lot of other podcasts. In sales training, I frequently heard that there were "lots of books on sales" but "no books on listening." Why not apply the same thing to our endeavor?

So here are two shows that listeners of our Commercials Podcast will find delightful:

Phil Hendrie:

Phil is an Ex disc jockey and one of the most amazing actors Radio has ever seen. Phil is adept at doing an ent…

Commercials Podcast

Hey Listeners, 

I know what I said at the beginning of the year, about about being a daily podcast? Well we were. 

Effective today we are going back to spotty postings of the Commercials Podcast. We had to make a decision here regarding content versus quality, and we are choosing quality. The Commercials Podcast, which is lots of fun for us to produce, does take time. We are finding this time is cutting into production and editing of our more involved longer production shows.

We started Podcasting to create Audio Drama content. Audio Drama's require lots of time to create. Between script writing, recording, sound production, post production, and editing; its difficult to focus on if your trying to get a show out daily. 

So we are changing. If you don't want to miss a commercial drop, subscribe. As always, thanks for listening, and stay tuned for some more in depth Audio Drama shows coming soon.